Thursday, February 11, 2010

islam picture

This is the picture that had been captured in side the Kaabah. It is very beatiful.

islam picture

This picture had been capture from the top of the Mosque. This the pure place in this world and this the Kiblat for all muslims in the world

Wanna know about the history of mosque?
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islam picture

This is kaabah from outside. kaabah had been re-build for three times. the first person who build it is Adam a.s, second is Ibrahim a.s and lastly is our beloved prophet Muhammad S.W.T.


This my picture. the baby is my nephew.

islam picture

Muslims teenager

Assalamualaikum, regarding to the title above, I just want to share my experience and try to remind to all my Muslims brother and sister. As you can see, Muslims teenagers were away from the path of Islam. They did not look like Muslim anymore because the way they live in their daily life does not show that they are Muslim. For example they did not completed the five of Islam principle such as pray five times a day, they did not fasting in Ramadhan and else. The teenagers were almost splited away from their right path when they simply forget about the rules and regulations that have been thought by Islam. For example the teenagers especially girls don’t cover their aurat and do not wear a proper clothes that has been asked by religion, same goes to the boys especially when they follow the girls’ attire and accessory.
Majority of the teenagers know a lot about Islam but they did not want to practise it in their daily life because of lazy and they always busy in enjoying and working or studying. Social life and less of religion information is the problem of this issue. Majority of the teenager’s way to have a social life because they were influence by their friend, media and western fashion and trend. This social life must be stop before it become more serious because teenagers nowadays were involve in free sex, taking drugs and other social things. For your information, this social life occurs among the teenagers because of lack in religion knowledge and there were no volunteer want to remind the teenagers. Once, Rasulullah tell a story to his friend (Sahabat). The story is about, Allah ordered Jibril to destroy a village (Bani Israel) because of their life were not like Muslims. Then, Jibril went to the village to destroy the village but suddenly Jibril saw a person were praying to Allah. Jibril immediately went straight to ask Allah about it. Allah said; destroy the person first because Islam is not just for him but for everyone. From the story, we as Muslims must remind the teenagers before it too late.
For your information, there is a video clip about our beloved Prophet Muhammad, about Al-Quran and Allah S.W.T. When the first time I watched this video, I felt very mad and I’m so sad because Muslims did not anything to fight back. There just have fun….what will happen to the next generation…..please…change….we are very near to the judgment day….we as a Muslims must remind each other….please….