Friday, April 2, 2010


Research Proposal
1. Title
Muslim teenagers are lost from the path of Islam
2. Background Information
Nowadays, as you can see, Muslim teenagers do not look like Muslim anymore because the way they live in their daily life does not show that they are Muslim. For example they did not completed the five of Islam principle such as pray five times a day, they did not fasting in Ramadhan and else. Social life and less of religion information is the problem of this issue.
3. Statement of Problem

Many teenagers nowadays are almost splited away from their right path when they simply forget about the rules and regulations that have been thought by Islam. For example the teenagers especially girls don’t cover their aurat and do not wear a proper clothes that has been asked by religion, same goes to the boys especially when they follow the girls’ attire and accessory.

4. Purpose/Objective

The purpose of this project is to define the problems why the Muslim teenagers do not act as a Muslims and to find out a solution for the problem. These teenagers live in a very social life because they are following the western style of life and their parents did not care about their children life at all. So, Muslims must do something to help these poor teenagers because they will regret it soon.

5. Research Questions

• What is the important of religion in our life?

• Do all teenagers obey the rules of our religion?

6. Significance of the Study

The implications of this study are this research will tentatively help the Muslim teenagers to change their life in the right way as a Muslim. This study will also be as reminder to the others especially parents and teachers.

7. Scope
This research is focusing on all Muslim people either in college or outside the college. The respondents chosen are student in college, lecturer, ustaz or ustazah and other Muslim people in Kuantan, Pahang.
8. Methodology for Data Collection
This researcher will use the interview and questionnaire method for this research. The observation will be done by him.

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