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R/Q Q5 Q9 Q11 Q12 Q13
R 1 Islam guides me to the right path Islam guides me to the right path Islam guides me to the right path Islam guides me to the right path Islam guides me to the right path
R 2 Because we as a muslim must obey Islam rules Yes  because it can make them realize Yes because it depands on their individual perception Regret and realize before to late Go to religious classes
R 3 Because Islam Is the right path that had been seen by our a prophet. Yes because the punishment can make I and other teenagers realize about our responsibility towards Islam. Yes, because insyaallah they will realize  Give them example of moral value that have in Islam Their parents must teach their children
R 4 We as a muslim must obey Islam rules It will open our eyes No, because they are stubborn What religion are u? then, what should you do as a muslim All muslims should take part in avoiding this problem
R 5 Islam guides me tp the right path Yes, because it will make them realize  Yes, they may regret all their mistake Our posture will be repaid by god either now or later Campaign, forum, religious classes and buying religious book
R 6 Islam is everything in my life Human need to be punisht No because kalau die ingat mati dah lame die sedar Remind them about dose and pahala No because remaja sekarang memang dah ramai terpesong
R 7 Islam guides us to do the right things Yes, because nowadays teenagers forget their responsible towards Islam Yes because counselor will consult them Come back to Islam before it too late Dakwah
R 8 Because Islam is a great religion and good for all people Yes because we know which is true or false when the punishment having No - Tell him about advantage of follow the Islam's rules Do forum or campaign
R 9 becauese it is one of the rules In Islam and muslims must obey the rules with truth hearth Yes because it will be hard for me and others to respect the same thing after being punished Yes because feel ashmed Always remember Allah I din't know because I' not a perfect person
R 10 Because so far, I still can follow islamic rules and it totally not burden me at all Yes, it can make teenagers realize about important of Islam No, they must think their mistake They should obey No .
R 11 Because in our daily days we should pray because it prevent us from stress and do the bad things and with the 'Doa' it can make our life perfect. Thing that…ok Depand on individual because not all of teenagers realize it and change because they think that their life is long No because their heart was become dark because of they always do thing that do not obey Islam Think from where we are come from and this world are not forever Depends on individual , the important things is do not leave pray, it can make us thinking first to do mistake because know that Allah always see us
R 12 Because I need to obey the rules even I often do a mistake I think it is the best way and here you can learn the protocal of Islam very well in order to motivate yourself too No, as long as they are not identify their own mstake on their own Come back to Islam before it too late Campaign, forum, religious classes and buying religious book
R 13 Islam guides teenagers to the right path Yes NO Remind them about dose and pahala Advice them
R 14 Because sometime I'm quite lazy Yes because its give lesson Yes because they will get lesson Open your eyes and peace with Islam No
R 15 Islamic make life easier Yes, learn from mistake Yes, advices can make teenagers realize Life is short, do not forget the rules of Islam No
R 16 Islamic rules is the best way in our life Yes because sometimes as a muslim teenagers we forget about our responsibility No, depends on teenagers behaviour and attitude One day, they will regret about what they do right now Always belief that Islam is the best religion in the world
R 17 Because Islam is a right religion and will guides us to the right path I think yes because they will realize whether they do something right or wrong. The punishment will remind them no to do the wrong thing towards Islam I think yes because the counselor will give a effective talk to them He/she must understand and make sure that Islam's rules should be concern whenever doing something I think they should practice islamic rules in daily life all the time
R 18 Because all the rules have it own good Yes because we will be more aware Noy easily because it is about the inner site of a person Always feel afraid to Allah No
R 19 Responsible as a muslim No, I don’t know why No because Iman must be inside Remember Allah Jihad in the path of Allah
R 20 Because we are muslim and we have to follow the Islam rule can guide us to the right path Punishment can make the teenagers realize their responsibility because it can give them the good moral No because it depends on the person Please follow the Islam rules to make yourself happy in your life Give more information about the Islam to the teenagers
R 21 Because Islam is aour religion and the rule can avoid us from going to hell. The rules in Islam is beautiful to them to love Islam full the heart with Iman Yes because the punishment can avoid other teenagers do the mistakes again Islam is right way to after world No because so difficult for one person to exchange Please be obey to Islam. It can guarantee to go the right path and near with creator Islamic lesson to teenagers
R 22 As a muslim, I have to follow islamic rules Yes because with punishments can make they open their eyes from doing sin No. other party should play their role In order to make teenagers realize their mistake do regret Use mass media to influence teenagers to be alert about religion
R 23 I have no right to say islamic rules are burdening things because it is not true No, but it will make us afraid and this ounishment can make us be careful in doing something No. counselor is still a human, they don’t have any power to change people Don’t forget Allah and Akhirat will coming soon I don’t have any idea to solve this matter. I think I also one of the person that getting lost from Islam but I still remember who am I and I belong to Allahuakbar
R 24 Islam guides teenagers to the right path Yes because it can open our eyes Yes but no comment Remember punishment from Allah No comment
R 25 As a teenagers, sometimes we need time to have fun and social life but Islamic rules restricted our moves. As we grow older then we will realize the truth within it No because in Islam there are no ' force' term. The teenagers will be afraid. Islam let the teenagers to choose and guide them to the right path Yes. Little by little they will realize their mistake The happiness in this world would not last longer but the happiness in the other world will last forever Parents, teacher and society should play their role to avoid this problem. The Islamic way of life should practice from home
R 26 No because Islam guides teenagers to the right path No because they are stubborn to do all responsibility towards Islam No because they are very stubborn Remember punishment from Allah No comment
R 27 We as a muslim must do our part don’t think it as a burden No comment Yes. Somene make them realize Always remember Allah Its comes form our heart which way we want to choose
R 28 Because Islam is simple  Yes because the teenagers will feel fobia with the punishment Yes because it will give them more motivation  Sending them to the counselor maybe can make them realize about their mistake Give them more motivation
R 29 Because Islam is simple  Yes because it will shows that we should obeyed and respect Islam Because it will motivate Please obey Islam's rules if you want yourself being respected from other religion Give them more motivation
R 30 Because all the rules come from Islam is the relevant miles Yes because preactise make perfect No because more relevent to send them to Ustaz Think about hell Join massa
R 31 Because all the rules come from Islam is the relevant miles Yes but for just few person No because it depends on their way of thinking Always remember that Allah will punish you one day Not really
R 32 There is a reason for each rules in Islam. Islam is simple so it is not a burden for us Yes because the punishment will motivate us not to repeat our mistake Yes because sometimes not only teenagers but human being didn’t notice their mistake We should obey because it is for our own good sake. There is a reason in every rules in Islam I'm not sure
R 33 Because it’s was the right way and we as a muslim must obey to it No because they will think that it will be a burden to them and 1 of the way to change religion Yes because the counselor will make them think about the lesson of being bad you will faces the punishment at akhirat and it's more heavy and hard than in this world Talk to the government to make it more serious
R 34 Without religion we don't have a destiny in our life depend on people because most of teenagers has influence by something moderns Yes because at least can suide them Just rememeber the punishment I can't give a solution but I can give a suggestion. Maybe they have to increase their nonsense thing and focus more on relision
R 35 We had not to doing full Islamic and we had not strong knowledge Islamic Yes because some people has two choose to which is heaven or hell No because teenagers have not obey islamic rules are not trust by god To learn about real world and say created by Allah No. This is about teenagers problem and he has solve problem about himself
R 36 Sometimes I think it burdening me Yes because the punishment will make the teenagers fear to make mistake no because counselor also make mistake People make mistake but try to improve yourself day by day No
R 37 Because that is what we do Yes because to realize them about god No because they will ignore the counselor Don’t be my friend anymore Give Talks
R 38 Because I've been train to obey the rule since I was kid Yes because the punishment was painfull and make us realize Yes because the counselor will make them realize Tell him that if they do not obey Islam's rule, they will go to hell Do not left pray
R 39 Because Islam rule Is a good way to the right path Yes because Allah S.W.T may open their heart No because the teenagers will realize by himself May god bless you No because me also is a problem teenager
R 40 No comment Yes because improve my self No because they have their own opinion Follow Islam's rules Yes, don’t leave solat
R 41 Because Islam rule Is a good way to the right path Yes, can punishment because afraid to people Because its important May god bless you Give punishment for people have problem
R 42 Because It can more positive Yes because they can know what kind of life No because they don’t know about their life It will become aggressive and more social Parents must give more caring about their children and responsibility 
R 43 Just 5 prayers, aint that hard No, as I said, depends on oneself and yeah punishment want help No because it depend on their ownself. Counselor wont affect Sinisterly insults them Err dude, what problem
R 44 It makes us better person Yes because ti show 1 good example Because they tend to repeat the mistake Repent Obey Islam's rules
R 45 Because it contain disciplines No because Islam cannot be push Yes because counselor is more experience Back to your root Solat
R 46 I started to pray and feel like problem is gone because we must learn from mistake Motivation is good for teenagers to learn Go to the right path Motivate them 1 by 1
R 47 No comment Because Islam will take you to the right way It will makes student regret no comment No comment
R 48 Because it make me calm and relax Yes because it can make them realize It will makes student regret Start obeying and follow islamic rules They should add more religious program that point towards teenagers
R 49 Because we can discipline ourselves if we follow the rules Depends because they only realize it only for a short term because sometimes they will think that te counselor will not understand their problem Try to follow it slowly and you will do it without any burden No
R 50 No because suits with my lifestyle. No problem to obey them No because makes teenagers more to be free. Someone need to be soft-spoken to change the other person Only her/him self can change their attitude Change slowly if you could More Islamic class need to be organized
R 51 Because we get used to it since we live in this world Yes because to guide us back to who we are It's depend to the person actully, to change or not Sedar-sedar la diri Avoid watching a lot of western movie or behavior
R 52 Islam has its own reason by prohibiting us in doing something which is actually good for us Yes of course but we need to remember that parents also have their responsibility in educating their children about Islam. So parents should be punish also Teenagers are growing up and they need guidence from the older generation, so that they won't repeat the same mistaken again Tell them that it is wrong and try to change them by showing good example Teenagers are unpredictable. We can't simply have the best solution but we can try to figure it oit with the help of parents and societies because they are the role model towards them
R 53 Things like gender. I know that guys have higher position than women but sometimes they misuse it and underertimating women, it totally unfair Yes but it doesn't mean that they will change themselves on that moment. Sometimes they might become more religious than before They are rebellious, they didn't take serious on other advices Try to make  them realize about it and try  to tell their parents about their wrong doings No
R 54 Because we Islam, so follow rules of Islam Yes because we as muslim should responsibility towards Islam Depend on them They should know about bad thing and good thing Use Hudud rules
R 55 Because Islam is a two religion. All things in Islam was related in our life Yes because the punishment make you realize about the mistake No Give the advise to him, if he didn't follow you must advise again and againg Advise him again and again
R 56 It's a part of our responsibility as a muslim Punishment would give us an impact, so that we can remember our responsibility in obeying Gods rules To remind us how bad we are Remind them about judgemet day and who don't obey rules would get punishment Yes, we should practice Hudu law in order to give the sense of awareness
R 57 No comment maybe Maybe he realize Remember Allah I don't know
R 58 No comment maybe Yes Remember Allah No comment
R 59 No comment maybe No comment I will motivated him Motivation
R 60 The Islamic rules can give us a life become peaceful Yes because he punishment can give teenager a feelings about practising Islam rules It is uo to the teenagers to make decision that them want to take a good habits or not They have to think about the life after the deaths No
R 61 It is for our own good Yes because it is important to show to the other that we as a muslim have responsibility towards our reigion Because it is comes from ourself Advice them and tell their parents to do something Perhaps always 'muhasabah diri' and think about sin and reward before doing something
R 62 Because we are muslim Yes because Allah told already in Holy Quran Because they are counseling Remember Allah, the hell and the pain of Allah AZAB Don't know
R 63 Islam is the perfect religion Yes because they will realize the mistake that they have done Yes, because have enough advise, No because they still can't figure the mistake Slowly talk to them about important Islam and don't force them Add extra subject of Islam to teach detailed about Islam in our life
R 64 Because Islam doesn't push their follower and Islamic rule doesn't seem hard to obey No because teenagers are rebellious Counselor can tell them aby subject that they didn't understand Remember that all things has their own punishment Learn to differenciate good and bad things
R 65 Because Islam is perfect will not lead mankind to a wrong path Yes because human need a punishment before they can realize they did a wrong thing Because counselor is wise on advicing people Remind them about the sins and advice them to repent Do solat and always ask for forgiveness to Allah
R 66 Islam only want us to do good things Yes because by that we will always remember our responsibility Because they will be advised by counsellor Only God know about our pahala and dosa but we must try as hard as we can to be a good muslim  Try to avoid as many temptations
R 67 Because Islam teaches us about all aspects of life and is a guidance to us Yes because the punishment will take it's to all among the teenagers Because humans will not submit to their mistake To ask them what is their rules in life aand what is their guidence in life We should take Islam seriously and should take the punishment seriously.(change to Islamic punishment)
R 68 It is because Islam is the purest religion, so it s not a burden for us Yes, because punishment made teenagers realize about their mistake Yes but its all depend on themselves to manage their own lives Convince them to remember that as Muslim we have the only one god, Allah S.W.T. No, because all of these problem are depends on teenagers to realize about their mistake
R 69 Only person make it hard. Islam is simple Yes because it can make us realize that religion is important in life Because counselor will tell them directly Try to make Islam the way of life Keep Islam in our heart and ask them to help
R 70 Because something we want to do is forbidden by Islam Yes, learning from punishment is very effective Teenagers are stubborn Ask them to remember god Ceramah
R 71 Too much thing that cannot be done Yes because it hurt Because they never gonna learn from mistake Think of Allah Listen to surah always
R 72 Islam is a simple religion Yes Because teenagers are stubborn Learn Islam again Keep your body and souk closer to your religion and god
R 73 Too many rules. Sometimes it doesn't agree with todays world No because punishment isn't about self concious They are too ignorant Be a good muslim Early education by parents
R 74 Just do it  Yes Maybe they need other altenative way, example parents Tell him that life is short. Ifhe without abeying Islam rules, he will go to hell Make ceramah
R 75 Human lazyness is the problem to do their their responsibility Yes because it able to ' wake up call' regarding to our responsibility Some of the students will admit  their mistake after been councelling Obey Islam, amar makruf nahi munkar Ask expertize if having a problem due to Islamic matter
R 76 Because Islamic rules are set to secure the human life Yes because its can open the teenagers eyes. The islam is a very strict religion and never fools around Because teenagers need someone to teach them Remember Allah and belief that hell is real No because its beyond my knowledge and ability
R 77 Every single task from Islam come with the reason For sure because it will give a great impact to students/ teenagers life Because teenagers stubborn, very stubborn Only one term, remember when we come and you takes your own responsibility Apply the Hudud
R 78 Islam guide teenagers to the right path Yes, they will afraid Maybe Only one term, remember when we come and you takes your own responsibility No because its beyond my knowledge and ability
R 79 Islam is perfect Yes, to learn the mistake Teenagers is stupid You go to hell Apply the Hudud
R 80 Because it is our responsibility as a muslim Yes because they will afraid to do the mistake Because the counselor will give them advice Remember Allah watching us No because its beyond my knowledge and ability
R 81 No because every rules that created have their own reason and it have beyond meaning of life Yes because punishment will make up their spirit and mentality. Thus, it will also change our physiology Lack of knowledge is religion makes them lost. So, after get counseling they will be realize Think what your main purpose of living in this world that is not last longer They needs to bare themselves and reach the knowledge of Islam
R 82 Because each rules has their benefits Yes because we will not change until we fell the pain of punishment Because it give them share their problem Should quick change theirselves because religion is not something that we can play See counselor if have problem about it
R 83 Islam is perfect Yes because it will remind others Yes but I don't know Punishment Don't have any solution
R 84 Because each rules has their benefits Yes because punishment will make up their spirit and mentality. Thus, it will also change our physiology Because it give them share their problem Think what your main purpose of living in this world that is not last longer They needs to bare themselves and reach the knowledge of Islam
R 85 For example when people fasting, it make a fair for poor people Yes because the history won't repeat when they care about it Because they don't want to know Do hukum hudud Don't have any solution
R 86 Because Islam never burden its followers I think, as a muslim wwe should advise each other not to give a punishment Because counselor will help the teenagers We have short life I think its all depend on parents when teaching their children since young about Islam and how to be a good muslim
R 87 It is a good way to live No because realization does not come by force Cannot be forced Tell them to obey the rules I am not perfect but I try to tellmy friends to follow religion rules
R 88 Takes more time? No, its is not that important to teens. They want something else It’s their choice Tell them why it is wring. But if they don't listen, I din't care No, just let them be
R 89 Because Islam is the way of life Yes because they will afraid to the punishment Because they do not care about it Ask for forgiveness Give many motivation
R 90 Because this is Islamic country Yes because we know about Islam No comment Remember Allah I am not perfect but I try to tell my friends to follow religion rules
R 91 Wee, Islamic path had use in limite the boundaries men and women Yes, wo that I will know my religion well Teenagers are stubborn Ask forgiveness No because I disobey some of it too
R 92 Islam guide teenagers to the right path Yes because it can make me realize my mistake They will hide their mistake Allah see what you do even you hide Teach religion harde since kid
R 93 Islamic rules created by Allah and Allah knows what is the best for His creatyion and those rules can help us to be a better person Yes. This is because we can learn from our mistake and to avoid those punishment, we have to obey the rules Some counselor are not expert in religious knowledge  Allah is watching us 24/7 Parents should teach their children with enough knowledge about Islam and how to be a good Muslim
R 94 Because its our reference Yes it can make someone to realize their mistake Because they not always pet some advice Think of what happen after life Always remember Allah
R 95 It is a good way to live No, they have to completely understand about the meaning about Islam so that can follow the responsibility about Islam It's their choice Tell them about sin No, it depends on teenagers him/ herself to obey the Islamic rules
R 96 Islam is simple in many ways Yes because it will remind others It's their choice Remember Akhirat Give more knowledge to them about Islam and about Hell
R 97 Because sometimes we didn't have much time Yes but it just working for a short time But they realize for short time They will go to hell It's up to theirself which way they choose
R 98 I'm good muslim Hudu is good way to make good Muslim Self concious Ask them wether they willing to go to hell Remind them and never give up in reminding them
R 99 Because it give us the truth of Islam and not make us to do the wrong things Yes, it is because it will guide us,if we do something wrong They will know the truth Follow the rules of Islam and not agains it Give them fully support and guide them into right path
R 100 Because Islam is a religion that are In the right track Yes because only that way can make them realize Because the counselor can brain wash them Make sure them realize their fault Parents will play a role to create their kids to make sure they not out of track with our religion

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